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We are Asian Artisan foods, but you may know us better as “The Wild Wok”.  We are a small business operating right in the heart of Dublin.
Our mission is to bring you something a little bit different. What we are truly passionate about is bringing you guys a genuinely authentic Asian experience whilst using the finest ingredients our little Island has to offer.
Between us our team has over 80 years of experience in the food industry. With this experience comes the ability to distinguish between what works and what doesn’t (Believe me, we’ve tried!) we’ve coupled these experiences with a wealth of artisan cooking that we believe cannot be bettered.
Our leader (Vincent) has perfected literally generations old recipes and tweaked them ever so slightly to accommodate the ingredients available to us on the Emerald Isle, Vincent is a Chef of over 25 years' experience in professional kitchens, but the reality is he’s been at it much longer! His father and grandmother are also professional chefs so you could say he grew up in kitchens! Not only in China or Ireland either!
On his way to Ireland Vincent decided to stop off in a few places along the way, on a culinary pilgrimage so to speak or a journey of self-discovery? First stop Hong Kong. It was in Hong Kong for 1 year that he discovered a real love for street food so many different flavors and textures it really is a haven for food lovers! From there was a stopover in South Korea for another 18 months, South Korean cuisine shares a lot of influences with the western world although maintains its own identity. Next up was Thailand for 6 months with its fresh bold colours and unrivalled scents. There was a trip to Malaysia (the trip lasted almost 3 years). Malaysia offered up something a little different in the sense that all food is a meal! There's no sampling ‘this or that’ as you’re never left hungry leaving a Malaysian eatery! I guess that’s why he stayed a little longer to make sure he sampled everything. His last stop was Japan. Japan's love for noodles and seafood is well documented and rightly so! There is simply a plethora of options available. However, Vincents love for food and trying something new is what genuinely excites him! We look forward to work every day as we have no idea what will be on the menu and have never been disappointed (Not even once)
Vincent then decided to broaden his horizons and head to Europe. When he arrived, he done some backpacking and sight-seeing before finally arriving on our shores in 2004. Throughout all of his travels he maintained a hankering for ‘Granny’s Dumplings’ it’s his go to food if he feels a little homesick, had a bad day or just wants something quick and easy at the end of a long shift. And this is where the idea was born!
Our dumplings are made with absolutely zero compromise! If the ingredients aren't of the upmost quality, we simply aren't making dumplings until they are! It's impossible to describe the passion and desire he puts into his products, but you can be rest assured that when you try them, There's a whole lot of love in there too!
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read our Story. We look forward to adding many more Chapters in the near future and love to hear from our customers about their own experiences you can find us on facebook and instagram the details are in the ‘Contact’ section on the home page.